How to Hire a Realtor

Finding the Right Representation

You’ve worked hard and saved harder. All in preparation for the big next step. Now it’s finally time to find the perfect place to call your own. But how do you choose the right guide to lead you through the process? With the right agent by your side, buying your first home can be easier than you ever imagined. Use these ten tips to vet the real estate professional that’s right for you.

Ask the Right Questions Before You Sign


1. Do you require a pre-qualification or pre-approval before showing me homes? What are my financing options?

It’s important that you know the type of financing you qualify for, the amount, and, if you are able to purchase a home when you want.

2. Do you have other professionals in the mortgage industry you can recommend?

A great agentwill have contacts in the mortgage industry they can recommend. In addition to a lender, you may need an attorney, a home inspector, insurance carrier, and other professionals.

3. How long have you been an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent?

The longer a real estate agent has been selling real estate, the more transactions they have likely completed.

4. How many homes did you sell as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent last year?

It’s important to know how many homes a potential broker sold last year while exclusively representing buyers.

5. How many buyers are you working with now?

A great agent should make you feel like you are their only client while they are also able to successfully represent several other buyers at the same time.

6. How many homes do you generally show your buyers?

In most cases, a great agent will only have to show you 5-10 houses because they have identified your wants, needs, and preferences.

7. What experience do you have in selling homes in my preferred areas?

In most communities there are some areas where houses are listed and sold within a week, and others where it can take many months. A great agent should be able to advise you accurately on expected property values and market trends in your desired neighborhood.

8. How do you determine which homes are a good match?

You should expect a great agent to ask about your price range, desired square footage, number of bedrooms, type of heating system, and other specific questions.

9. Can you provide me with testimonials or past clients’ contact information?

Every agent should be able to provide a handful of testimonials. Follow up and ask them directly about their experiences.

10. Do you have a website/real estate blog?

It’s a great way to find out how your agent shares their knowledge and communicates with clients. You also want to find out how they communicate directly with you. Whether it’s texting or calling, be sure it’s your preferred method.

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Final Thoughts


  • Remember: Exclusive Buyer Agents, like those at The Buyer Brokerage, are real estate professionals who work in real estate offices that ALWAYS work for buyers only, NEVER sellers. Such offices never list homes for sale or represent sellers.

  • Buying a home can seem like a monumental task. Hiring a great buyer’s broker is critical.

  • Let’s Connect. We’d Love to help.

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May 6, 2020

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