The Finishing Touches

How to Personalize Your New Home

Especially if you live in a newer construction building or just moved to a house with builder-grade details, you may be itching to personalize your space. When you don’t have a hand in selecting the flooring, cabinets, or fixtures in your space, it becomes even more important to choose decor and wall treatments that reflect your personal style. To make your home stand out from every other house on the block, try some of the tricks below to quickly personalize your space. A few meaningful details can make all the difference in creating the ambience that makes your new house feel like home.

Paint the Front Door


Wood, glass, iron, fiberglass, or a combination of materials, your front door is the first thing you see. Make sure it suits you.

While you’re choosing a new paint color or finish, you may want to change the locks at the same time.

image of front of house
image of kitchen hardware

Change the Hardware


From sleek and modern to farmhouse style,hardware sets the tone.

Start with the kitchen. Upgrading the faucet can make a big difference.

Be sure to coordinate with existing hardware throughout the home. Cabinet knobs, handles and drawer pulls are an easy way to define your style.

Install Lighting


Whether you add task lighting in the kitchen, accent lighting to showcase artwork, vanity lighting in the master bath, or recessed downlights, make sure your lighting reflects the way you live.

image of bathroom lighting
image of bedroom windows

Upgrade Window Treatments


Your taste may run to tailored Roman blinds, textured bamboo, roller shades or classic curtains. Window treatments are a decorating detail that give your home a finished feel. Remember to select a consistent look so the view is just as good from the street.

Build in Organization


Built-ins are one of the best way to customize your living space. From closet organizers to window seats, walk-in pantries, and bookcases, your daily activities are made so much easier with some tailored changes.

image of built-in organizer

Final Thoughts


When designing your home, one of the most challenging parts can be making it not only look beautiful but also feel like you. If you’d like to have a home that’s reflective of who you are and not of just what’s on-trend, here are a few easy ways to help define your unique style and tone:

  • Creating an Ideaboard with Houzz is a great way to explore design themes in a tangible way. When making a vision board, include photos, items or anything that makes you feel good.

  • Using items that have significance to you is a simple way to customize your living space. Begin to pull these items together as part of your inspiration.

  • Don’t hide your hobby, even if it’s not a traditional piece of home decor.

  • Most of us feel happy and relaxed when we spend time in nature. Is this you? If yes, adding plants is a great way to capture some of this eco-boost at home.

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May 12, 2020

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