The Buying Process

Your Home. Our Commitment.

We will never rush you in the process of finding your home. Our proven strategies give buyers the competitive advantage in this market climate. We go the extra mile to identify off-market and overlooked properties, exploring every opportunity until we find your perfect home.

Step 1

step one


Game Plan

  • Initial meeting with Buyer to answer any questions

  • Determine Buyer’s desires (needs/wants in a new home)

  • Review duties / responsibilities of a Buyer’s Agent

  • Provide Buyer Package with a sample of local Purchase Agreements (contracts)

  • Ensure Buyer is pre-approved with a known lender

  • Formulate a winning game plan
Step 2

step two


Property Search

  • Set up Buyer on listing alert service
  • Preview properties on behalf of client

  • Show properties to client

  • Help Buyer select ideal property

image of people talking with whiteboard
Step 3

step three


The Offer

  • Validate what is included in sale via MLS details

  • Contact Listing Agent to validate property is still available; confirm any special terms for offer

  • Prepare a Market Analysis in the area to determine offer price

  • Prepare Purchase Agreement on behalf of Buyer

  • Obtain Earnest Deposit for purchase of the home and proof of down payment, to be submitted with offer

  • Prepare package for Listing Agent, including cover letter

Step 4

step four



  • Present Buyer offer to Listing Agent
  • Ensure Buyer’s lender available by phone in case lending questions are asked by Listing Agent

  • Respond/negotiate counter offers/addendums on behalf of Buyer

  • Acknowledge ratified contract on behalf of Buyer

Step 5

step five


In Contract

  • Send copy of ratified Purchase Agreement and Property Profile to Buyer’s Lender to start lender underwriting

  • Open Escrow Account

  • Send copy of ratified Purchase Agreement to Title Company to begin settlement
  • Order any inspections requested by Buyer

  • Be onsite for property inspections

  • Review new disclosures and inspections with Buyer
  • Negotiate contract adjustments and credits if new defects are found as part of property inspections

  • Assure loan underwriting moves forward on schedule

  • Manage the timely release of contingencies on behalf of Buyer
image of contractor
Step 6

step six


Close of Escrow

  • Review “Closing Costs” on a HUD-1 Estimated Worksheet for accuracy

  • Ensure Buyer has Certified Funds for amount due at closing

  • Provide a list of potential qualified vendors (e.g. movers, attorneys, carpenters, painters, etc.) if these services are needed

  • Arrange and attend Buyer final walk-through prior to close of escrow

  • Validate house is clean and all of Seller’s possessions are removed prior to close of escrow

  • Monitor closing so transfer of property occurs as planned

  • Review Closing Documents and Attend Closing
  • Once property recording is complete, deliver keys to new Home Owner

image of couple holding keys

Final Thoughts

The home buying process is full of possible problems. The bottom line is that most of the valuable work comes after your dream home goes under contract. The fact that an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent can show you any available home is great, but that is not the primary reason why you hire someone to help during this emotionally charged period of your life.

The value of an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent in the modern real estate landscape is absolute and The Buyer Brokerage guarantees a smooth and drama-free transaction. As a potential home buyer, signing a contract with an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent is often the best way to ensure that your interests are protected. And the fact that all that amazing service comes free of charge? Icing on the cake!

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