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How to Calculate My Mortgage Payments

This calculator will help you determine what your mortgage payments will be based on purchase price, interest rate and mortgage term, as well as other factors. The amortization table shows what the interest and principal payments will be over the term of the mortgage.

How to Find Out What I Can Afford

Use the affordability calculator, mortgage calculators and how to get a mortgage information here to assist you in making some informal decisions around financing your new home.

This calculator will help you determine how much money you qualify to borrow. The results are informal. You will be subject to a credit approval from your financial institution […]

How to Get a Mortgage – 3 Easy Steps

Examine your finances and shop around before you apply for a mortgage. Shopping for a mortgage is the first step toward owning a home and perhaps the most daunting, especially if you are not prepared.

Once a simple task that meant comparing fixed rates from among perhaps a dozen or fewer savings and loan companies, the […]